Years of experience and involvement as an advisor and consultant to various industry sectors, government organizations, and businesses, and as lecturer at educational institutions.

Doing my best everyday, is my way of life.
I strive for continual learning, along this epic grand adventure, as some days are better than others.  


My friends and family have often commented on how many people reach out to me to help them – through a situation, on their career path, with a change of focus,… and said I should do it professionally. So I am. Coaching can create high-impact and sustainable learning and growth, it reinforces learning, and assimilation and supports the application. It can be a game-changer for an individual, a team, and an organization.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a better indicator of Personal and Professional success than IQ. EQ affects our overall performance on and off the job, in work and in our personal life and with our job and life satisfaction. Ultimately using emotional intelligence in the workplace enhances productivity, engagement and ultimately profitability and of course safety.

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Well known for her sense of humor, story-telling and down to earth approach, Eldeen uses experiences from her consulting practice and her personal life to deliver a timely, well researched and insightful message that resonates.

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A professional emcee or an Online Meeting Host has a role with some goals. By skillfully engaging the audience, introducing speakers and moderating panels, an expert master of ceremonies dramatically increases the return on investment of your event. I can help set the tone of your event. As the face of your event, a charismatic Emcee personifies your company brand and value. I can deliver relevant messages with confidence and enthusiasm.

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CEO – Pozniak Safety Associates Inc. in Canada
CEO – Diggins Safety Consulting in the USA.

Eldeen Pozniak is a globally recognised International Management Consultant specializing in Occupational Health and Safety. Eldeen has gained a reputation for being, energetic, enthusiastic and self-motivated in business endeavours. These skills combined with her relationships and connections to other safety professionals across the globe, allows her to bring the best in the safety and health world to any project.

About Eldeen

How I do that is through living my values:


I demonstrate this through self-respect and respecting of others regardless of differences.


Responsibility – I embrace my opportunities to contribute by being helpful, conscientious, tenacious, reliable and accountable.


Curiosity – has helped me develop empathy, be more self aware and more knowledgeable, to overcome my fears, be a better problem solver, to find multiple paths, and has developed humility.


Authenticity – I am me, you are you. I am open and transparent. I strive to be consistent, fair and ethical.


Passion – I have a passion and great value for people and for what I do in work, in play,.. in life.

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Art Works

Art in any form is beautiful and divine.
It is an expression of the soul and a feast for the eyes.

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